Business in a box - B2B Services

Business in a box - B2B Services

Business in a box - B2B Services a complete product that will take your business's collaboration and communications to the next level. This secure, reliable and intuitive product features Email services, DNS services, Website Hosting services, Data Hosting services, Data Management Services and Productivity Platform. Business in a box - B2B Services keeps your data secure and you in control.

Productivity Platform:

  • Secure file exchange within and between organizations
  • Collaborative editing of docx, xlsx, and more
  • File versioning, restore, and retention control
  • Commenting on files, adding notes to share links
  • Integrated chat and secure audio-video calls
  • Calendar, mail and task management tools
  • Comprehensive set of security capabilities
  • Options
    • Email
    • Hosting & private cloud storage
    • Domain registration & DNS service
    • And more!

Backup Services:

Location Switzerland & high speed network connections

  • Veeam backup
  • Site redundancy
  • Disaster recovery
  • Live mirroring
  • Custom solution